Marathi Facebook – Beginner’s tips for the social network

If the internet was a global village, Marathi Facebook ( ) would be its marketplace. Almost everyone meets here and those who aren’t there yet look set to join.

Once you get past all the status updates and links, pictures and videos,  Marathi Facebook ( ) is, essentially, a comment posting and relaying machine. Novices need to be sure not to let themselves get scared by the commotion and be sure to protect their data.

Following are a few tips about what the network can do, how to control the information flood and how to protect your personal data.

The box with the question: “What’s on your mind?” encourages users to regularly post status updates. It’s also possible to upload photos and videos. And, should anyone anywhere online click on the “Like” button with its thumbs—up icon,Marathi Facebook ( ) immediately adds that site as a link on their profile.Marathi Facebook ( )is a form of communication. You can easily repeat things there,” says Annette Schwindt, who has written on the subject and is something of a Facebook expert.

“The homepage’s live stream is the central element. Consider it a personal news ticker. It’s not just seeing comments that friends have made about the ongoing football game, or who has posted vacation photos. If you’ve identified yourself as a fan of a medium, brand or band, you’ll find information about your interest there.
“I can effectively tailor the news for myself,” says Schwindt.
Taking in acquaintances past and present, it’s easy to quickly gather 100 or 200 Facebook friends. But that can get confusing. If it’s order you want, it’s best to sort those friends into lists (under Accounts/Edit Friends). Here you can also set who sees what information about you, depending on whether a friend is a business contact or a relative.
If it’s important to discuss matters among a small circle, then a user can make use of the relatively new group functions, whether it’s for a bowling club or a class reunion.
“The groups are perfect for communicating with a limited number of users,” says a Facebook spokeswoman.
The company no longer limits itself to its own network. Users can bundle their email, text messages and chatting into one mailbox, for which they get a mail address with the ending That allows them to stay in touch with people who eschew Facebook.
Marathi Facebook has also kept itself open to software developers who want to offer their own programmes. Games, like the simulation Farmville, are always popular. So are puzzles. But experts say be careful, since many of these applications demand access to your personal data.
Marathi Facebook handles a lot of personal data, making protection all the more important. The company insists it does not sell information. But it is very curious to gather up as much as possible from its users: newcomers are urged to let the system search their email programmes for possible Marathi Facebook friends.
But the company also uses those addresses to find non—members to invite to join. Johannes Caspar, a data protection official with the German city—state of Hamburg thus advises never passing out professional contacts on Marathi Facebook. Nor should a business smartphone ever be synchronized with Facebook.
Remember that it is not necessary for your contacts to see everything about you. Caspar recommends thinking about settings and limiting access to your profile whenever possible.
Marathi Facebook routinely changes its interface, which has often annoyed users. Schwindt recommends checking blogs about Facebook to keep up to date. Marathi Facebook itself also offers some sites devoted to helping users keep track of changes

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